About us

ForeSee LINE sprl (abbreviated SLF) was founded October 30, 1997.

The English name "Foresee Line" actually means "Line of Prevention", the company designed to bring to market a line of various products relating to the prevention of various medical devices, cosmetics ... etc.Development of sexually transmitted diseases is a reality that we unfortunately can not deny. In the prevention of these diseases the use of condoms is a good one extremely important. That is why our company has developed a brand of condoms perfectly reliable: "STAR'TEX".


The range STAR'TEX is recognized, appreciated and used by professionals

Condoms are made from natural latex, electronically tested and comply with all applicable standards. The different batches are regularly tested by independent laboratories. They are available in several varieties and several packages: "Nature," "multifruits" and "Max'Strong." Condoms "X'tra wide" are also available.

Soon a latex condom and "mixed" (suitable for both men as for women) will be on marché.Nous have also developed a feminine hygiene pad under the brand "Préventex". The Swamp is available in good pharmacies.Nous also market a dry pad under the brand "SOFTY".

We can provide quality service and extremely fast delivery of our products to wholesalers and professionals.
On simple SMS we deliver nationwide. (Tel +32 (0) 476/60.63.76).
Want to become a distributor of Foreseeline in your country?
Feel free to contact our sales department info@foreseeline.comWe are at your disposal for any information that you wish.